Less than 100 Kiwis 'genuinely' exempt from getting Covid-19 jab

Source: 1News

Much like Covid-19 itself, there are still some myths about the Pfizer vaccine floating around and continuing to spread.

So, Seven Sharp's come to the rescue with expert advice on what's in the vaccine and why.

Immunisation Advisory Centre director Dr Nikki Turner told Seven Sharp there are "very few people that can't have this vaccine". 

"There's no virus in it - there's not even a piece of virus in it - so this vaccine is safe for almost everybody," she said. 

She said there is a "really small group of people" who are unable to have it administered due to a severe allergic reaction to any of the products in the vaccine, or had a severe allergic reaction to the first dose.

"There's hardly any - there's less than 100 people in the country at the most - who would genuinely have a severe reaction that we would say, 'Oh, you shouldn't have this vaccine.'" 

To find out more about the myths debunked by Turner, click on the video above.