Lorde arrives at Met Gala in stunning headpiece, white ensemble

Source: 1 NEWS

One of the biggest nights in fashion and entertainment is underway, with celebrities, including one of Aotearoa's own, taking to the steps at the Met Gala.

The celebrity guest list, handpicked by Vogue editor Anna Wintour, have appeared at New York's Metropolitan of Art.

Among them is Lorde, who is also gracing this month's cover.

She's arrived at the event wearing a white ensemble with a stunning headpiece.

According to Hollywood Life, the singer told Keke Palmer that she worked with "repurposed antiques" from Bode to create her outfit.

"This feels more like the America that we know. To see all these beautiful people, all the new people going through, it's the best," Lorde said of the event.

In a track on her album Solar Power, released last month, Lorde mentions pinching a fork for her mother from the 2016 Met Gala.