Hipkins' slip of the tongue gives Kiwis 'something to laugh about'

Source: 1News

Chris Hipkins has seen the funny side after making a hilarious gaffe during today's Covid-19 press conference.

Speaking about people exercising during Level 4, the Covid-19 Response Minister had a slip of the tongue, saying it was a challenge for those in high-density areas to "get out and spread their legs" rather than stretch them.

The remark brought a grin from Dr Ashley Bloomfield standing at the opposite podium, while Hipkins, having realised his mistake, bumbled through the rest of his sentence.

Later in the afternoon, Hipkins took to social media, posting a photo with the caption "That moment when you realise that what you had intended to say and what you had actually just said weren’t the same".

"At least I’ve given you all something to laugh about," the caption read.