Muller won't attend National caucus meetings when he returns

Source: 1News

When National MP Todd Muller returns to Parliament, he won’t be attending caucus meetings, 1 NEWS can reveal.

The revelation comes on the first day of the party’s national conference, which will spread into the weekend.

Muller has been on leave to care for his wife after announcing in June he would  stand down at the next election.

His criticism of fellow MP Harete Hipango saw him slammed by caucus.

National MP Matt Doocey met with Muller last week and was asked by 1 NEWS if the decision for Muller not to attend caucus meetings was because the former leader can’t be trusted.

“Well I think Todd's made that decision himself and I think it's right he's made that decision,” Doocey said.

The move comes as National leader Judith Collins promised members unity, respect and professionalism in the caucus.