Steven Adams spotted draining threes in impressive workout

Source: 1News

Kiwi basketball star Steven Adams has been working on expanding his range during the NBA offseason, draining back-to-back threes in a workout video posted on Facebook yesterday.

The seven-foot centre is known more for his work around the rim, but after a disappointing season with the much-hyped New Orleans Pelicans, Adams appears to be redefining his game.

The big man has only hit one three-pointer in his eight-year NBA career, from 13 attempts.

While not an issue at his former franchise the Oklahoma City Thunder, he struggled to fit alongside explosive superstar forward Zion Williamson in his first season with the Pelicans, and was criticised for clogging the paint and getting in Williamson's way.

However, it appears that Adams is working on expanding his range, which will allow him to space the floor and help the Pelicans offence improve next season.