ACT's David Seymour confronted by angry man in Ashburton

Source: 1News

ACT's leader David Seymour was confronted last night by a man who recently lost his job after being accused of spreading extreme white supremacist material online.

Now polling eight per cent, David Seymour could be running a 10-strong caucus after the election.

In a video posted to social media, Lee Williams, who was recently fired by the dairy company Synlait for his behaviour online, accused Seymour of not standing up for freedom at an ACT party event in Ashburton.

"You're saying it's OK if 10,000 people sign a petition to get a man sacked from his job and destroyed and cancelled - you're saying that's okay?" Williams asked.

A petition was launched two months ago urging Synlait to review Williams’ contract. Williams regularly attacked Māori politicians on social media, with YouTube recently banning him from their platform.

Seymour responded that Williams should ask himself, "why they've done that?"

"People make choices, you've made choices," Seymour said.

"It has consequences, and now you’re suffering the consequences of your actions."

Williams then called Seymour a fake and shouted at the meeting that, "Māori will own 50 per cent of the country by 2040".

Seymour told 1 NEWS today that Williams "stormed out after I told him he was an idiot and several people in the crowd called him a d**khead".

Seymour says it's very hard to sack someone in New Zealand and if Williams believes he was wrongly fired by Synlait he should take a case against them.

Williams has previously described his videos as "satire".