'Positive distraction' — Research reveals art can reduce stress

Source: 1News

In the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced, modern world, let's face it - we're constantly stressed despite a world of wellness aimed at creating zen.

But, a new study shows art may have some benefits for dropping blood pressure.

University of Auckland researcher Dr Mikaela Law authored the study, reviewing 14 studies around the world to see if there is a link between viewing art and lowering stress levels. 

She said that every study revealed even merely viewing a piece of art can reduce psychological stress.

“But also on top of that the four studies that looked into blood pressure found that just viewing an artwork for as little as 30 minutes could reduce your blood pressure.”

She said the phenomenon is based on “positive distraction” from negative thoughts or feelings.

“This is why it could be important to have artworks in places such as hospitals or medical waiting rooms where people are very stressed,” she said.

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