Tips to keep your house warm and your wallet full this winter

Source: 1News

Yesterday marked the winter solstice, meaning there are some cold days ahead.

We all want to beat the chill so Seven Sharp’s Mary-Jane Aggett compiled some hacks with the help of Consumer NZ to keep your bills down and your house warm.

1.) Don’t save your fan for the summer

If you use a ceiling or pedestal fan alongside your heater, you can save a lot of money on your power bill.

2.) Use a towel to seal gaps on your curtain rail

Heats a bit of a tricky customer that when you create it, it tries to leave your house. One of the main areas it leaves from is through the windows.

By rolling up a towel or a blanket on top of the curtain rail it creates a bit of a seal so the warm air can’t leave and go out the window.

A heat pump.

3.) Don’t forget to clean the filter on your heat pump

You can pop open your heat pump cover, take out the filters, and just gently vacuum them — usually with the brush attachment — that should change your heat pump overnight.

4.) Electric blankets or electric throws are thrifty

Consumer NZ did the numbers and you can run your electric blanket every night throughout winter for a good few hours and it will cost $14-$15 dollars total.

5.) Use the Powerswitch website

Head to Powerswitch and check out their plan comparisons. Your household can stand to save hundreds of dollars.

Using these tips means you won’t have to resort to wearing more layers indoors this winter.