Driftwood lines sand of Kairaki Beach like carpet after Canterbury floods

Source: 1News

Canterbury's floods has seen silt spread far and wide - and beaches blanketed in driftwood. 

At Kairaki Beach, driftwood can be seen lining the sand like carpet. 

Debris which was once spread across 150 kilometres of the Waimakariri River has ended up there.

This includes plastic bottles, tyres, bits of rubber and even shoes amongst the driftwood.

"What I guess for us is more concerning, is the amount of rubber and plastic material that's sadly going to end up out in the ocean probably" Tūhaitara Coastal Park's Grey Byrnes told 1 NEWS.

Environment Canterbury is also checking on shellfish. 

Although it has meant the destruction of some habitats, scientists told 1 NEWS there is not a lot to worry about in the long-term, as nature does what nature does.