Good Sorts: Dog in schools movement brings comfort to students

Source: 1News

Tonight’s Good Sorts are a golden couple, golden retrievers, that is.

Ruby and Rose are dogs on duty at a Central Otago primary school, bringing companionship and comfort to any student who needs it.

Cromwell’s Ray Ritchie wins the true Good Sort award because he wants to start a movement to bring dogs into schools full-time.

When Ritchie purchased Rose, a golden retriever puppy, she would jump the fence and follow him to the local school where he is the caretaker.

Ritchie continued bringing Rose, not knowing that one day he would be at the front of a dogs in school movement.

And then there is Ruby. After Rose had puppies, one of those had Ruby and the two pair up at Goldfield’s School where they play, listen to stories and hang out with the kids.

Principal of the school, Anna Harrison supports the move, as Ray, Rose and Ruby have helped kids focus and unwind. 

"Kids who aren’t having a great day or are finding things challenging, if they need some time out you may find the lying on the grass next to a dog," she says. 

"The dogs bring comfort and they teach humanity really."

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