'We’ve strengthened our relationship' — Father and teen son who built tiny home together ready to sell

Source: 1News

When 15-year-old Sam Johnson expressed an interest in the trades, his dad Graeme knew that the best way to learn something was to do it. 

So, he decided to foster that interest in a practical way by converting a container into a tiny home, inviting Seven Sharp along to take a look in September

The father-and-son duo have now finished the project. But, it wasn't for them to live in — it was more of a life lesson for Sam, who’s now 16.

Graeme told Seven Sharp tonight from South Head the build had gone “really well”.

“We’ve both surprised ourselves that we got through this together. It’s had its moments. 

“But, the container is fantastic. Sam has done an amazing job,” he said.

It’s more than a container they’d built, though. 

“We’ve strengthened our relationship through it,” Graeme said.

Sam said the experience made him want to pursue a trade after he left school. 

“The most valuable thing that I’ve learned over all of this is a good work ethic and using all the power tools.”

The house is currently listed on Trade Me for $45,000.

Once mum and dad’s costs have been recouped, any leftover profit will go towards buying Sam’s first car. 

"It'll have to be something safe, reliable, and cheap to run," Sam said of the car.