Christ's College's Maadi Cup win an extra-special milestone for Christchurch family with heavy history

Source: 1News

The Maadi Cup carries decades of history in its legacy and the Batchelor family of Christchurch could lay claim to the most of anyone.

Christ’s College’s win in the boys under-18 eight on Saturday completed a treble for the family, with youngest son Archie joining brothers Monty and Jamie in holding the trophy aloft.

“There was a bit of pressure but I've got the last laugh now, so it's good,” the latest victor said.

Monty won it in the black and white in 2016 with Jamie following his footsteps two years later before Archie had his moment on the weekend as part of this year's triumphant eight.

Although there’s still some sibling rivalry amongst them.

“They still didn't beat our time,” Jamie said.

If you think the brothers’ triumphs are impressive, there's more rowing history steeped in this family.

All three boys have been captains of Christ’s College's rowing team after dad Dan rowed for them in the 1980s and won a medal in the prestigious Springbok shield four, while their grandfather, Richard, today represented his late dad and brother who also were captains in the 1920s and 50s, respectively.

“My wife and I have attended, I think, 10 Maadi with six grandchildren rowing in Maadi events,” Richard said.

“We finished on a very fine note.”

Archie is the youngest of the Batchelor family so it seems this is where the incredible Maadi Cup lineage ends — for now, anyway.