Could this place help solve NZ's housing crisis by building enough new homes for 100k people?

Source: Seven Sharp

New Zealand has a problem. The housing crisis is going from bad to worse and our politicians have run out of answers.

This week Seven Sharp has been looking at the idea of building a new city somewhere in New Zealand — a city of some 100,000 people.

The new city could take immense pressure off the main centres. 

Urban designer Andrew Burns says Levin maybe a “prime candidate to think about expansion and we've been working on expansion plans out to the east of Levin”.

“But it could be even more,” he says.

“And certainly Levin has got great strategic access, a fantastic north-south corridor, Palmerston North and so on, it's got a centre that's potentially underperforming, it's got a lot of capacity to increase that, a good affordability of land."

The Horowhenua is hot and heaving. Less than a decade ago, Levin was looking languid — now it's alive, with 20 per cent population growth in the past five years.

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