Kiwis encouraged to dig into passionfruit as locally-grown crop remains in NZ

Source: 1News

Move over chocolate and roses, the country’s horticulture industry is hoping Kiwis might take up a new way of expressing their affection this Valentine's Day.

ripe organic passion fruit on dark background

Stuck with a bumper crop of passionfruit with nowhere to go, the typically elusive fruit’s been grounded in New Zealand thanks to skyrocketing freight prices.

This summer’s crop was destined for the United States until more expensive freight prices due to the pandemic combined with greater competition in North America caused growers to reconsider.

The New Zealand Passionfruit Growers Association says its roughly 50 commercial growers can produce 120 tonnes a season, most of which will become available from now until April.

“This year there will be a lot more passionfruit for sale on the domestic market so we’re working closely with wholesalers and encouraging consumers to try this delicious fruit if they haven’t before,” says president Rebekah Vlaanderen.

Typically, 70 per cent of the country’s passionfruit exports are shipped to the US.