DJ Bloomfield? Director-General of Health features in Covid-19 remix playing at NZ festivals

Source: 1News

Dr Ashley Bloomfield became a regular face around the country with his 1pm Covid-19 press conferences this year, but his "guest appearance" at music festival Rhythm and Vines is a new hit.

Bloomfield stunned crowds at the popular festival last night when a video of him appeared on the big screen before trap music began to play underneath him.

"Kia ora koutou, hello New Zealand, I'm Dr Ashley Bloomfield. And this is a Covid-19 announcement," he started off.

As the music slowly continued to build, Bloomfield reminded partygoers of basic hygiene rules they should be following.

"Wash and sanitise hands properly. Scan QR codes, turn Bluetooth on.

"It's time to make summer unstoppable. Let's unite against Covid-19."

After that, Macsen — the Auckland-based DJ behind the remix — took over with his music and dropped the beat.

Macsen, whose real name is Beau Thoresen, said on his Instagram he "teamed up" with Bloomfield to make the anthem, hinting it will play at other festivals beside Rhythm and Vines this summer.

"Teamed up with the one and only Dr Ashley Bloomfield to raise awareness about things we can all do to keep each other safe and make summer unstoppable," Thoresen said. 

"Keep an eye out for the track and video at festivals and events this summer!"

The song has gotten positive reviews online, with one Instagram user saying it "should be playing between sets at every festival" this year while another added "the good doctor has taken it to a new level".