Stephen Colbert lavishes praise on New Zealand's Covid-19 pandemic response

Source: 1News

Stephen Colbert had high praise for New Zealand's Covid-19 pandemic response in an episode of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert which aired today.

Colbert aired unseen footage from his trip to New Zealand last year.

Before airing the clips, he spoke about the freedoms Kiwis are enjoying while much of the world continues to suffer under Covid-19 restrictions.

"They have had one of the most successful pandemic responses in the world," Colbert began.

"With a population of 5 million people, so far New Zealand has had just 25 deaths and roughly 2000 cases.

"Or as America calls it, a White House Christmas party," he joked.

Colbert also praised New Zealanders who listened to the advice of experts and the Government to beat the virus.

The TV host said this was due to strong leadership from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

"I've long been a fan of Prime Minister Ardern's, since she personally invited me to visit, picked me up at the airport, drove me around Auckland and then invited me to her house for a BBQ with Lorde.

"My admiration went up a notch or two when I learned she had handled the pandemic with science and empathy, something our president thinks is a hoax."

Colbert went on to say the US could learn a thing or two from New Zealand and spoke about the "lowkey" elections Kiwis enjoyed.

"New Zealand sounds like the perfect place to be right now," he mused.