'Mother of the Nation' Judy Bailey gives Seven Sharp's Jeremy Wells presenting tips

Source: 1News

'Mother of the Nation' Judy Bailey gave Jeremy Wells some presenting tips on Seven Sharp last night.

Bailey presented 1 NEWS for well over a decade and is one of the founders of the charity Brainwave Trust.

The charity is a science-based child development organisation and Brent de Jong and Helen Kitchin are currently walking the length of the country to raise awareness for the work done by the charity.

Brainwave Trust aims to get the latest neuroscience research into what causes people to become abusers later in life to those on the frontlines of the issue, such as police and social workers.

Bailey appeared on Seven Sharp tonight to talk about the charity and while there, Wells picked her brain for some broadcasting tips.

“I think you guys work in such a different environment now, there is way more pressure with social media,” Bailey said.

When Wells put it to Bailey that she never did anything that would have gotten her in trouble on social media she laughingly replied, “that’s what you think”.

“Be discreet would be my advice,” she added.

Bailey doesn’t miss presenting the news, saying, “I had a wonderful innings.”

She’s now immersed in her charity work and family, including her seven grandchildren.