Relieved Napier residents thankful as flood water finally recedes

Source: 1News

Napier residents in hard-hit flooded suburbs are waking up to receding waters this morning with a sense of relief.

Among the worst-affected suburbs was Marewa, with Nuffield Avenue residents enduring two days of water covering the road and some properties.

Resident Nicole Murphy was among those worried by the flood, and she and her husband had to constantly monitor water levels to decide whether or not they needed to evacuate.

Murphy said it was an anxious time, with she and many others hoping the water would subside before more rain came.

"I think it was the unknown," she told Breakfast's Matty McLean, "especially being in the dark just watching the waters rise.

"The worst case scenario is just going through your head - do we have to evacuate with young children?"

The floor of the family's sleepout in their back yard is caved in from the deluge, and Murphy's son Caleb is disappointed after his vege garden was destroyed.

"The watermelons truly became water melons," Caleb said.

Murphy said it was "nice to not have a river in front of our house any more".