David Seymour hails 'momentous moment' as Kiwis vote in favour of introducing assisted dying

Source: 1News

David Seymour has hailed Kiwis voting in favour of introducing assisted dying as a "momentous moment".

His comments come after preliminary referendum results this afternoon reveal nearly two-thirds voted in favour of his End of Life Choice Act.

"This is a momentous moment for the whole country," the ACT Party leader told 1 NEWS.

"We’ve all become a more compassionate more humane society that gives vulnerable people suffering at the end of their life real choice and dignity under the law. And I was pretty relieved to see it happen."

Seymour gave credit to other politicians who also championed the cause over the years.

"I am really proud to have been associated with this, other members of Parliament have come through and worked really hard and through no fault of their own don’t get their name on a Bill like this.

"I’m one of the lucky ones that has been able to do something so I’m proud of that achievement."

He is confident the Bill will pass once special votes have been counted next Friday, November 6, leading to an official result.

"In order for the vote to be overturned almost every special vote would have to be opposed, and they traditionally favour liberal causes."

The preliminary referendum results show 65.2 per cent - or 1,574,645 Kiwis - were in favour of the End of Life Choice Act coming into force.

Those voting no totalled 33.8 per cent of the vote (815,829), with one per cent not casting a clear vote.