Jacinda Ardern on Spitting Image puppet appearance - ‘I was surprised by the emphasis on the ginger crunch’

Source: 1News

Labour's Jacinda Ardern says she was surprised by the emphasis on ginger crunches during a satirical impression of her on a UK TV show.

Spitting Image pokes fun at Ardern's elimination approach to Covid-19, depicting her as Mary Poppins before she beheads a man who coughs in the street.

Originally airing in the 80s, the new series has a more global focus with depictions of Donald Trump and Prince Harry.

However, Ardern has become the latest victim to the controversial show's comedy, with her character singing "super-Kiwi-socialistic extra-nice Jacinda".

As well as Covid-19, the skit also looked at her work to ban semi-automatic weapons and increase the living wage.

Ardern was asked about it during today's press conference where she revealed Auckland would move to Alert Level 1 later this week.

"I am familiar with the show, I have seen past pieces of it, over a number of years I believe it's been very popular in the UK, and so yes, I've seen it. 

"I'm glad I whipped Neve away from watching it just in time near the end there.

"I was surprised by the emphasis on the ginger crunch."