Facebook removes video from Advance NZ wrongly accusing Govt of legislating forced vaccination

Facebook has removed a video from Advance NZ after Trevor Mallard wrote to the social media giant saying it wrongly framed the Government of legislating forced vaccination.

The letter from the Mallard, Speaker of the House, dated 3 September, took issue with the video titled, "Say No to Labour’s Forced Vaccination Agenda" on the page of Advance NZ/NZPP.

The video used excerpts of official footage of the New Zealand parliamentary debates which purport to show that forced vaccination has been legislated for.

In the letter, Mallard says the video is "misleading in that it does not accurately reflect the content of the debate in question. No such law has been passed'.

Footage of House of Representatives proceedings is subject to conditions, including the "requirement that official coverage of proceedings must not be used in a way that is misleading," Mallard said in the letter.

"That direction has been unanimously upheld by all parties represented in the House of Representatives, who found that the video represents a blatant doctoring of Parliament’s proceedings that is intended to mislead viewers by implying a proposal for compulsory vaccination of New Zealanders.

"Misleading information about vaccines is particularly concerning during the current global pandemic," he said.

In a letter of reply dated 14 September, Mia Garlick, Facebook's Director of Public Policy for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, said it is “committed to fighting the spread of false news on our services”.

She informed the Speaker the video had been removed from Facebook.