'Thank you' - Jacinda Ardern proud of the way Kiwis have stepped up to challenges of Covid restrictions

Source: 1News

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has expressed her pride at New Zealanders following the rules and obeying the alert level restrictions.

At today's 1pm update, Ardern announced that Cabinet had decided to continue with the current alert level restrictions until at least September 16, with a review taking place on September 14.

She said she had been impressed and thankful to see most Kiwis following the rules, especially by wearing masks on public transport and when out in public.

"A New Zealander hopping off the bus in a mask or tapping into a bakery via bar code, or giving a fellow Kiwi a very wide berth on the footpath is not something I thought would fill me with pride at the beginning of this year - but it does now," Ardern said.

"It's what care and kindness looks like."

Ardern went on the remind people that the weekends were among the riskiest times for transmission, according to infection data, and urged people to continue to follow the rules this weekend.

"Masks or face covering are mandatory on public transport and are also encouraged - and I see are being well-worn - in public places in Auckland.

"Thank you - and please keep it up.

"If you go to a mall or shopping, if you go out for a coffee, take a mask - and join in on the awkward experience of figuring out how to manage it when you've ordered a hot drink."

The Prime Minister finished up by praising New Zealanders for their resilience and adaptability.

"Your efforts continue to set us apart - you're being adaptable, patient and determined - this has all been critical to our stamp-it-out approach - an approach that will see our lives a little more normal sooner than we otherwise might.

"So let's double down our efforts and let's keep going."