NZ's first case of deepfake pornography triggering alarm bells for officials

Source: 1News

New Zealand has had its first domestic report of deepfaked pornography and it's sending alarm bells to officials.

Netsafe has confirmed it received four reports of deepfakes in the past year alone.

The country's first report of deepfaked pornography saw the identity of a New Zealander being used.

“People are not even creating content and they're turning up in pornographic content, and other people are seeing it and assuming it's real - it's a pretty serious consequence of this technology,” Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker said.

“We're going to see Deepfake technology more and more in scams than we are now.”

Brainbox research co-director Curtis Barnes says the detection technology “isn't able to deal with this at this point”.

“These sort of things are going to take some time for cyber professionals and organisations to become aware of,” he said.

Deepfakes aren't just being used for videos either.

"I need your immediate assistance to finalise an urgent business deal,” the deepfake voicemail said.

While there are no reports of this type of scam being run in New Zealand, Mr Barnes says it's only a matter of time.

“It creates an opportunity for people to use basically a new set of skills to do an old task which is convince someone that something they seen or heard is real when it isn’t,” Mr Barnes said.

It is a concern for the Chief Censor.

“We have seen research emerge recently indicating that the number of deepfake videos has nearly doubled in a year it's certainly something that we need to take seriously and take steps to address,” Chief Censor David Shanks said.