Simon Bridges shares kind words for Todd Muller, won't say if he wants 'toughest job in politics' again

Source: 1News

Simon Bridges may have been rolled by Todd Muller, but he's only publicly sharing support for the National Party leader after his resignation.

Mr Muller announced he's stepping down as National leader and as leader of the Opposition today, prompting an urgent recall to Wellington for all the party's MPs so they can vote on a new leader.

At the moment his deputy, Nikki Kaye, is standing in as leader.

Less than two months ago, Mr Bridges and his deputy Paula Bennett were rolled by Mr Muller in a party coup.

At the time, Mr Muller told MPs it was necessary as the party couldn't win with Mr Bridges at the helm.

But arriving in Wellington ahead of the caucus meeting today, Mr Bridges wouldn't be drawn on whether he'll be batting to get his old job back.

"Let's just see what happens," he told 1 NEWS.

He offered his support to Mr Muller and his family.

"A lot of people say but I know, being leader of the Opposition is the toughest job in politics," Mr Bridges says.

"It's also a tough time for the National Party and I suppose at the end of the day, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

"We've got some difficult discussions and choices to make over the next little while."

Mr Bridges also wouldn't comment on whether he'd bring back Ms Bennett as his deputy, if he did take the top job again.

Ms Bennett announced last month she was retiring from politics, after losing her leadership role in the coup.