Stats NZ commits to asking sexuality and gender identity questions in 2023 census

Source: 1News

Stats NZ have committed to asking sexuality and gender identity questions in the 2023 census.

Deputy government statistician Rachael Milicich confirmed the change in a statement to 1 NEWS today.

“Stats NZ have committed to collecting information about New Zealand’s Rainbow communities in the 2023 Census," she said.

"Our Rainbow communities are a key part of our identity as a country and it’s really important that they’re properly represented in the data we gather. We couldn’t make this work for 2018, but we have been working hard to ensure it’s part of 2023."

"Every community has their own unique footprint and needs; collection of information about Rainbow communities in New Zealand will for the first time allow Rainbow groups and individuals to advocate for their needs on the same footing as other New Zealanders, as well as ensuring Government has the information it needs to support Rainbow communities and help them to thrive.”

1 NEWS understands this was committed to by Stats NZ a few months ago.

However, today is the first official confirmation by New Zealand's official data agency.

More information can be found at the Stats NZ website .