Meet Kai, New Zealand's first robot supermarket worker

Source: 1News

A fully automated store scanning machine built to find empty shelves is set to revolutionise New Zealand supermarkets.

Kai is New Zealand’s first supermarket robot.

It finds empty shelves and alerts workers so they can fill them.

“Kai will roam the aisle and using the cameras she can identify the gap and file a report, then we go and restock it,” Wynard Fourie, Rototuna Countdown store manager, told Seven Sharp.

He says kids and adults alike love seeing Kai roaming the aisles.

A Countdown store worker says it will save him hours of work everyday.

It comes with a $150,000 price tag, but won’t be taking human jobs.

“Kai is here to complement and add to our experience here and is greatly received by the team. The team loves it,” Mr Fourie says.

Kai is currently on trial in the Rototuna Countdown before potentially being rolled out to other stores.