Louisa Wall has list seat deal after bowing out of Labour’s Manurewa candidate race

Source: 1News

MP Louisa Wall has a deal for a list seat that will see her return to parliament despite bowing out of the race for the Labour Party nomination in the Manurewa electorate.

After nine years as the MP, Ms Wall has thrown in the towel over what's been called a "vicious" in-house fight for her seat.

It's understood there've been moves against the MP at a national and local level, with two other nominations.

Ms Wall missed out on promotion when Labour came into power despite securing gay marriage, its only big win in opposition,

President Claire Szabo says "Louisa is a hugely gifted MP" but her decision paves the way for "renewal", creating space for a new MP.

Many of her constituents in Manurewa were disappointed to see Ms Wall go.

The MP was threatening legal action against the party over the nomination process but in a statement said she didn't want her electorate matters to become an unwelcome distraction for the party and government

1 NEWS understands a deal has been signed off, moving her higher up the party list, ensuring her return to parliament.

Tonight, Labour announced Arena Williams has been selected as the party's candidate for Manurewa.

The lawyer and mum-of-two is of Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki, Tūhoe and Ngai Tahu descent.