Govt adviser: Next Covid-19 lockdown move might have to be to 'Level 2.5'

Source: 1News

The adviser behind some of the Government’s coronavirus modelling says we may need to revise the next step out of lockdown and have a “Level 2.5” rather than going straight to Level 2.

Rodney Jones' modelling helped inform New Zealand’s response to the pandemic, leading to the lockdown which has now been in place for six weeks.

Cabinet is due to decide on Monday May 11 whether the alert system drops to a less restrictive Level 2.

But Mr Jones, an economist at Wigram Capital Advisors, told 1 NEWS: “It's a big step down from Level 3 to Level 2. And so there's the balancing, you know, do we have a Level 2 plus, do we have a Level 2 minus?”

Asked if that meant a Level 2.5, he said: “Well I think we may need a more granulated approach at some point and thinking about what sort of activities really carry risk.

“These measures 1-4 were put in fairly quickly and in an emergency.

“We should always be revisiting and public health experts should be debating what's the appropriate level of social distancing and we should probably be having more debate on that.”