Struggling nonprofit that employs disabled Kiwis has overnight turnaround after plight revealed

Source: 1News

Altus Enterprises, a-non profit organisation providing work to those with intellectual and physical challenges has had a spike in orders following revelations of redundancies amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company was such a thriving success last year they were looking to expand their numbers to over 200 as they managed to produce over 20,000 headsets for Air New Zealand daily.

But with Air New Zealand’s services ground down to a near halt by the coronavirus pandemic, that has created a domino effect at Altus and 137 people have been made redundant so far.

But after Seven Sharp aired their plight, the company is seeing a turnaround.

Today they've been happily processing $140,000 worth of orders for their range of Will&Able eco-cleaning products and they want the country to know they're willing and able to process many, many more.

Will&Able cleaning products, such as dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaner, laundry liquid, hand soap and more, are environmentally friendly and the bottles are made from 100 per cent recycled New Zealand milk bottles.

You can order Will&Able products and learn more about them and Altus Enterprises here.