'It's having an impact' - Why you shouldn't stress over vivid Covid-19 'quaran-dreams'

Source: 1News

If you've been experiencing vivid dreams during the Covid-19 lockdown, you aren't alone.

It's a known phenomenon around the world, and now researchers in New Zealand are looking into the way our brains process big events while we're asleep.

Covid-19 concerns are creeping into our sleep, resulting in nightmares otherwise known as "quaran-dreams." 

Doctor Rosie Gibson of the Massey University Sleep/Wake Research Centre telling 1 NEWS they've become a major talking point.

"A lot of people commenting on it, tweeting about it, friends and even myself all experiencing quite bizarre dreams," she says.

"We know it's having an impact on how we're sleeping, as well as our waking lives."

The continuing streams of news and information about the virus have meant that our minds are racing, when they're supposed to be resting.

However, if you think that the nightmares are bad, experts say they're actually a good thing - helping us adapt to changing situations, and regulate our emotions. 

But if you're tired of the Covid-19 dreams, there are ways you can sleep better.

"Disconnect from all sorts of Covid-19 media for a good couple hours before bed," says clinical psychologist Dougal Sutherland.

"Meditation, or prayer or even light yoga moves," adds Doctor Tony Fernando.

"Dreaming is not a problem, just enjoy the ride."