Government limits mass indoor gatherings to 100 people, excluding schools and workplaces

Anna Whyte
Source: 1News

Indoor gatherings in New Zealand have been limited to a maximum of 100 people amid the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Health Minister announced today. 

It does not apply to workplaces, schools, supermarkets or public transport. Outdoor gatherings are still limited to 500. 

"This will affect people's lives," David Clark said. "People will need to think of that 100 number. I can understand the upsetting nature of that for people who have those events planned."

"Large gatherings and events are a high-risk environment for the spread of infectious diseases like Covid-19, because people often behave in ways that facilitate transmission at these events."

"We know this has specific implications for the hospitality sector. We will work with the sector over the next 24-36 hours to develop guidance."

The penalty for breaking the mass gathering rules include up to six months in prison or a fine up to $4000.

The total number of Covid-19 coronavirus cases in New Zealand has  risen to 28 , with eight new cases confirmed today.

On Monday, the Prime Minister restricted all large gatherings to 500 people, excluding schools and universities. 

Events around the country had already been cancelled or postponed due to the virus, including the March 15 terrorist attack service, the Pasifika Festival, and numerous sporting games and concerts. 

Earlier this week Australia limited mass gatherings of up to 100 indoors and 500 outdoors.