Bus drivers pay dispute set to disrupt Auckland commuters

Source: 1News

Bus drivers striking over a pay dispute are set to disrupt Auckland commuters tomorrow.

Bus on a wet street in downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

According to a statement from NZ Bus, FIRST Union and Tramways Union say strike action will be taking place for three hours from 4am to 7am tomorrow morning, Tuesday March 3.

"The unions have advised us there will be no NZ Bus services from the Glenfield and Swanson depots from 4am to 7am tomorrow morning," NZ Bus CEO Barry Hinkley says.

"This disruption will unfortunately extend beyond 7am as that will be when drivers first arrive at the depots and it will take them some time to get back to their normal routes.

"This will mean some peak hour customers will not be able to take their normal buses to work," Mr Hinkley says.

More information on affected routes can be found at the AT Metro website.