Police investigating potential privacy breach of firearms buyback database

Source: 1News

Police say they are investigating after a member of the public made them aware of a potential privacy breach involving the firearms buyback programme.

In a statement, police said they were made aware by the person today, and that the online notification platform for the buy-back programme has been closed down while they investigate.

The Privacy Commissioner had been informed, police said, and Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement will speak further on the issue this afternoon.

Shortly before the Police press release, a statement was sent out by Fair and Reasonable, which is a anti-buyback lobby group run by the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO).

COLFO described the issue as a "data breach", and claimed that information on more than 70,000 notifications had been visible to the public.

The information reportedly included details about licensed firearms owners, their firearms and their bank account numbers.

COLFO said a number of supporters had reported the issue to them, and that they were able to take screenshots and download the information.

The information was not provided to media in the statement.