Taranaki teen gets new lease of life thanks to health programme that engages the whole family

Source: 1News

In Taranaki they're having extraordinary success in turning around child obesity rates with a programme that engages the whole family.

The paediatrician behind Whanau Pakari, Dr Yvonne Anderson has won the L'Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship for her efforts.

Participants who attended more than 70 per cent of the programme’s sessions have had significant reductions in BMI adjusted for age and gender over time, and overall, the children’s quality of life has improved.

Francis Douglas Memorial College student Hamish Gibson is one of the programme's many success stories.

With the help of his family, the teenager changed his eating habits and began to exercise more.

"I was quite short, chubby, not happy with myself when I looked in the mirror. I wanted to change something about it.

"My eating habits were atrocious. They're much better now,” he told Seven Sharp.

Find out more about Whanau Pakari and watch Hamish’s journey in the video above.