Mourners in Ireland laugh, cry as man plays final prank from beyond the grave

Source: 1News

Footage from a funeral in Ireland has been watched around the world after a man played a final prank from beyond the grave.

In the video, mourners could be seen laughing and crying as they heard the voice of Irish Defence Forces veteran Shay Bradley asking to be let out of his coffin during his funeral in Dublin, the BBC reports.

"Hello?" the recording, played from inside the coffin, says. "Hello? Hello?

"Let me out! Where the f*** am I? Hello? Hello? Let me out! It's f***ing dark in here!" Mr Bradley can be heard saying as he appears to knock on the coffin walls.

"Where the f*** am I? Is that the priest I hear? ... This is Shay, I'm in the box! No, in f***ing front of you. I'm dead!"

In a parting message, Mr Bradley then sang, "Hello again hello, hello I just called to say goodbye."

Mr Bradley, who died at 62 on October 8, recorded the message over lunch last year with the help of his son.