Warriors sold again with sole owner to take charge of the NRL club

Source: 1News

Autex Industries are the sole owners of the Warriors effective immediately, with the company to buy the Carlaw Heritage Trust’s 67 per cent stake.

The sale will come less than 18 months after Carlaw Heritage Trust (CHT) and Autex bought the club off Eric Watson for $16 million.

The purchase in April 2018 saw Autex become a minority shareholder with a 33 per cent stake.

"Owning a stake in the Club last year was the opportunity of a lifetime. We’re a league family and have stood alongside other Warriors fans in the rain, hail and sun to cheer on the boys for the past 25 years," Autex Industries CEO Mark Robinson said in a statement.

“Like any local league fan, we’re passionate about seeing the team succeed. We know the potential is there, so we’re stoked to be taking on full ownership and kicking off a new chapter for the Club."

“Over the past year, we’ve built a great bond with the players and the wider team – we’re there with them at every game and stand by them through the good and not-so-good, home and away. It’s no secret this season has been tough on and off the field, but we’ve got their back and we’re proud to support them.

“We’re looking forward to helping the Club reach its potential for the good of the game, the good of the players and for the good of our fans – there’s no doubt they’re the most loyal in the NRL and they deserve to be rewarded for keeping the faith with some success on the ladder.”

CHT, which used the proceeds from the sale of Carlaw Park to buy the club, made a multi-million dollar loss on the deal having sold their 67 per cent share for less than they paid for it, NZ Herald reports.

The sale comes after several weeks of negotiations, which come after the partnership between Autex and the CHT broke down over a difference in philosophies and personality clashes.