New company to help sober women travel safely, have fun in sobriety

Source: 1News

Often travel and alcohol come hand in hand, but a new group has been set up for women in sobriety who want to travel.

Sober Girls Travel was set up by Maree MacKenzie for women in sobriety to travel together, have a safe space, have fun travelling and not give up the things people think they should give up when they're sober.

"You get to go to the country and actually see the country," Ms MacKenzie told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning.

"All my travelling in my past, before I got sober, was about going out and getting drunk and I never saw any of the country. I was never present for anything, so now when I travel I'm actually there, seeing the sights, getting into part of the culture. I love it, I mean, it's just such a better experience."

Travelling in a group with like-minded women meant that everyone was there for each other and had the same things in common, Ms MacKenzie said.

"It's all about making friendships too," she said, which is why the groups are kept small - just 10 women a trip.

The first trip is in June where travellers will go to Bali.