City of Leeds in England sees impressive decline in childhood obesity

Source: 1News

The city of Leeds, in England has made impressive progress in tackling the issue of obesity in younger children.

By the time children in England leave primary school, a third will be overweight or obese.

According to the BBC, one of the most difficult groups to help has been those from poorer backgrounds.

Figures released to the European Congress on Obesity have however, shown otherwise in the city of Leeds.

It was found that over a five-year period, the number of obese four and five-year-olds has fallen by 6.4% and the number of obese children from deprived backgrounds has dropped even more, by an average of 8.7%.

The city of Leeds has concentrated its efforts on tackling obesity particularly in younger children and those from deprived areas.

The council developed a child-obesity strategy which targeted pre-school children. Through programs and strategies, the reduction in childhood obesity has seen an impressive decline.

A handful of other places in England have also seen a reduction in childhood obesity and it’s hoped the trend will begin to turn.

But for older children weight problems are still proving a huge challenge.