Orchestrated push for change needed if NZ is to embrace electric vehicles - advocate

Source: 1News

A few years ago, they were a novelty, but now electric vehicles are silently shuffling round Kiwi streets everywhere.

However, it seems we've got a long, long way to go to catch up to the world's top electric vehicle mover, Norway.

Norwegian Christina Bu is one of Europe's leading electric vehicle advocates and says that as a country our uptake is characterised by individual converts rather than an orchestrated push to change.

"I think the only thing lacking in New Zealand is the political part, the politicians also do their part to look into how they can incentivise electric mobility," Ms Bu told Seven Sharp.

Norway turning has freed all electric cars of purchase taxes and the country's 25 per cent GST equivalent.

Ms Bu would like to see similar measures introduced for electric vehicles in New Zealand.

"We have to work together, we need the political level, we need the consumers, we need the companies, they all have to do their part, there can't be one missing."

There are currently around 11,000 electric vehicles in New Zealand compared to 300,000 in Norway.