Woman who ditched the corporate ladder to be a sculptor gives advice to Kiwis wanting a career change

Source: 1News

A Kiwi who gave up climbing the corporate ladder to become a sculptor has some words of advice for others who another career calling.

"Try it. Try it for sure," Shona Lyon says.

Seven Sharp reports Ms Lyon was a successful marketing whizz, climbing the corporate ladder, when at age 44 she decided she was meant to do something else.

She'd ticked off her corporate goals.  But the stress was piling, so she took a trip to France where she had something of an epiphany - she was supposed to be a sculptor. 

"It's very hard to explain, but it just hit me I had to sculpt. And sell my business. Which is a bit like being asked to be a ballerina at 44 -no idea how to get into it," she said.

"I just had to do it. If I was really going to live, i just had to do it."

She spent the next few years going back and forth to the Loire Valley where she trained at the feet of a master who told her, "I can't teach you to be a sculptor, but I can teach you to sculpt." 

Ms Lyon's new career is a stunning recreation of self from someone who was told she'd never be an artist. 

She has an inspiring message for other Kiwis who might have always hankered to do something other than their current job but never acted on it.

"If they can just leap with hope and they don't know what's going to happen, those are the magic, magic moments of life."

Watch the video above for reporter Carolyn Robinson's full story and to see some of Shona Lyon's work.