Greenpeace director Russel Norman pleads guilty over seismic blasting ship protest

Source: 1News

Greenpeace executive director Russel Norman has pleaded guilty over his involvement in a seismic blasting ship protest last April.

The former Green Party co-leader, along with climate activist Sara Howell, pleaded guilty today in Auckland District Court for swimming in front of the largest oil exploration ship in the world, the Amazon Warrior, Newshub reports.

The pair were charged under the Anadarko Amendment which prevents protest against oil ships at sea, which carried a fine of $200,000.

On April 27, Greenpeace were advised the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment would not pursue charges against the organisation, but those against Mr Norman and Ms Howell still remained.

Prior to the charges being heard today in court, Mr Norman said he "never denied the facts" of the case.

"We see the best course of action now is to plead guilty while making a plea in mitigation in court on the grounds that our actions were reasonable and honourable given the threat of climate change," Mr Norman said.

The pair will be sentenced in July.