SAFE say government have made a 'good start' on rodeos as animal welfare practices looked at

Source: 1News

Animal advocacy group SAFE say the government has made a good start when it comes to looking at rodeo welfare issues but they believe more needs to be done. 

Associate Minister of Agriculutre Meka Whaitiri announced yesterday that officials will be looking at how animal welfare can be improved around the use of calves, electric prodders, flank straps, tail twisting and rope burning.

SAFE campaigns director Mandy Carter spoke in support of the government's decision today following the strong public support against rodeo.

“We are pleased to see the government is taking action given the strong public outcry and listening to the many New Zealanders who oppose rodeos due to the cruelty to animals involved," she said.

"They need to take this very seriously and uphold their election promise, which was to ban the use of animals under 12 months, flank straps, rope burning and the use of electronic prods."

In 2017 over 62,000 people signed a petition that called for a total rodeo ban which aligns with the SPCA's policy against all rodeo events. 

Direct Animal Action spokesperson Apollo Taito, has also spoken in support of the government's welfare concerns.

“We’ve been protesting outside rodeos across New Zealand for the last several months and we’ve been really hopeful that our progressive new government would take positive steps towards ending rodeo,” said Apollo Taito.

The government said it is not considering a ban, as they were popular community events.