'They got their dad back' - psychic medium Kelvin Cruickshank on locating Raymond 'Curly' Stirling

Anna Whyte
Source: 1News

Kiwi medium Kelvin Cruickshank has spoken about the discovery of Raymond Stirling, after he worked with the family to locate the 84-year-old's body.

Raymond 'Curly' Stirling of Hamilton went missing on January 15, however his family never gave up the search for him.  

1 NEWS' Kate Nicol-Williams reported yesterday his daughter-in-law Jo Stirling met Mr Cruickshank at one of his shows. 

Mrs Stirling said psychic readings weren't really her style but she couldn't not take the chance, after day 27 of a continued family search.

"It was desperation, the thoughts were coming into our head we might be one of the statistics where we don't find him," she said.

When approached by 1 NEWS, Mr Cruickshank said when he met Mrs Stirling they "just clicked". 

They spoke for 10 minutes after his show, something Mr Cruickshank doesn't usually do. 

"We just chatted. There were things Curly was telling me through the spirits I should never have known. There was some things that came out that only the police and family knew and me.

"It was all happening. It was just naturally flowing. It was awesome," Mr Cruickshank said.

"I remember saying to Jo, 'You really have to trust me here, you have to trust what's been said, and don't let anyone push you off the track that you've been sent on."

He said he told Mrs Stirling he was confident Raymond wanted to come home. 

"I got back to the Bay of Islands and drew a map, I couldn't sleep, I got onto Google Maps and circled an area and said, 'You've really got to try here because I'm pretty confident you'll be successful."

He didn't have a "hit" at the site but told Mrs Stirling he believed Raymond was closer to home and was adamant there'd be steep terrain at the second area, Tauhara Park, and she'd need dogs to help her search there.

Mrs Stirling said she'd never heard of the park before.

Raymond's son Glenn discovered his body in dense bush on February 17. That day, Mr Cruickshank received a call from Mrs Stirling saying, "we found him". 

"We both burst into tears. It's been incredible. Jo and Glenn are the most amazing people, and it gave an opportunity for me to be able to let me do my job."

"She really put her faith in me, which was incredible. She followed the lead, and away she went, and found him. From the time Glenn set foot it only took them three hours and 15 minutes."

"I was overwhelmed. I was very happy for them and very sad at the same time, it's massive closure," Mr Cruickshank. 

Mr Cruickshank said Raymond "had a little bit of dementia", which made it difficult to find people who had died. However, Curly told him he was missing his wife and had gone to find her. "He was looking for the love of his life."

Two days later Mr Cruickshank drove down to Hamilton to see the family. 

"All I wanted to do was to give Glenn and Jo a hug."

When asked if it was a highlight in his career as a medium, Mr Cruickshank said, "100 per cent. It's massive for New Zealand, it's massive for me personally, but the biggest thing is it's huge for the Stirling family."

"They got their dad back. Words can't describe how happy I am for them."

"They didn't quit. Most important thing we banded together as a team. Curly kept coming to me.

Mr Cruickshank said people from around the world were contacting him since yesterday's article .

It was the first time Mr Cruickshank had discovered the body of a person "to this level". 

Mrs Stirling described Raymond as being "a strong man but a big softie when it came to his family," who didn't say a bad word about anyone". 

Chris Cahill of the Police Association would comment about the use of psychics by police.