'If I think about it I've had a few' – Simon Bridges talks political regrets and gay marriage stance

Source: 1News

Shortly after his appointment as the new National Party leader, Simon Bridges sat down with 1 NEWS political reporter Katie Bradford where he was asked about political regrets and some of his more conservative stances on issues of the day.

Mr Bridges wasn't given much time to reflect on his new role before answering some tough questions on his political views.

"Regrets? Probably if I think about it I've had a few," he said when asked if he had any in politics.

"I know people will say these social issues you're conservative on but I don't think I necessarily regret the decisions I made by assessing the evidence at the time.

"Take gay marriage, now I understand the depth of feeling around those issues, would I change it (the current law)?

"No I wouldn't

"Would I go back and change my vote, yes I probably would," Mr Bridges said.

When asked for an earlier 1 NEWS NOW article what he would like his legacy to be if he manages to become Prime Minister, Mr Bridges said: "I want to ensure New Zealand is a growing, dynamic, exciting place in the 2020s where people have opportunities.

"I would like people to look back and be glad about the kind of New Zealand we have created together."

Being voted in as National leader yesterday means he is one step closer to achieving his dream.