Air New Zealand's newest safety video questioned by Erebus victim's families

Source: 1News

Air New Zealand's latest safety video is meant share a small part of Antarctica with the many people who will never set foot on its shores, however it has caused family members of the Erebus crash to speak out about the video. 

AirNZ teamed up with Antarctica New Zealand, who says Air New Zealand is a "natural partner" because of it's ability to address sustainability issues directly.  

NZ Herald reported family of one of the people who died in the 1979 fatal flight said the filming location was "very disrespectful". 

Nicholas Bennett, whose father died in the accident, told NZHerald said it was not "appropriate at all, no matter how they spin it".

AirNZ had emailed families of the victims, saying it had "approached filming in a very respectful way". 

Director Kevin Denholm, says there were lots of challenges filming in the elements of Antarctica.

"We are very conscious that Antarctica is of great significance to the families of those lost in the Mt Erebus tragedy and contacted family representatives to advise of the decision to film and the rationale behind this."

"The family members will be sent the safety video when it is completed prior to its public release.," he said in a statement. 

"We certainly empathise with the perspective of any family member who is unhappy with this news."

The video is due to be released in March this year, and based on the following of Air New Zealand's previous videos, is expected to attract over 110 million online views.