Tuku Morgan quits Maori Party, slams former MPs after failure to get back into Parliament

Source: 1News

Tukoroirangi Morgan has resigned as President of the Maori Party – but on his way out he’s let loose at the party’s former MPs.

The Maori Party was booted out of Parliament on election night after Te Ururoa Flavell lost Waiariki to Labour and it did not get enough party votes to return himself or list MP Marama Fox.

"The role and relationship between the Parliamentary wing and the national executive of the Party was at times dysfunctional and unacceptable," he said. 

He also called on the pair, who are co-leaders, to stand down "to allow fresh talent to step up and lead."

Mr Morgan outlined the party’s election strategy including making peace with former party member and Mana Party candidate Hone Harawira, aligning the party with One Pacific but saying nothing of King Tuheitia’s backing of Maori Party candidate Rahui Papa, who stood against Labour's Nanaia Mahuta.

When asked about his resignation today Mr Morgan said nothing was official but this was later refuted by a party official.

Dr Lance O’Sullivan said the resignation had to happen.

"I think it’s a good idea.

"It’s clearly, this election was quite a failure. There needs to be change in order to not repeat the failures and move forward. It’s simple common sense."

He reiterated that he would like to stand at the next election.