'I'm really gutted' – 150-year-old Norfolk Pine near Auckland gets the chop

Source: 1News

Members of the local community in Auckland's Snells Beach have watched on as their beloved 150-year-old Norfolk Pine which they tried to save is felled.

Locals tried to negotiate with developers who want the pine tree chopped down to make way for a new development.

When that avenue was exhausted, local woman Michelle MacKenzie enlisted the help of arborist Charlie Cottrell-Jury to climb up the tree.

His occupation of the tree only lasted a day before he was forced to climb down prior to it being removed.

Today arborists have begun the task of cutting down the much loved pine tree.

"I'm really gutted. Like absolutely gutted," Mr Cottrell-Jury told 1 NEWS this morning.

The tree is believed to be a gift from Governor George Grey and planted by settler James Snell in the second half of the 19th century.

The developers are allowed to remove the tree, meaning all locals could do was watch on sadly as the branches came off today.