Watch: Lucrative computer game Minecraft helping put 20-year-old through university

Source: 1News

A young Auckland man who builds and sells Minecraft maps part-time for a living is putting himself through university thanks to his hobby-turned-job.

Seven Sharp reported Minecraft is kind of like digital Lego.

Twenty-year-old Jason King told the programme he makes about $25,000 to $35,000 a year, for about 12 to 13 hours work a week, building and selling Minecraft maps. 

He's part of a team and his secret weapon is speed, Jason saying he's one of the fastest in the world at creating one particular digital building.

Creating buildings on the web has led Jason to study architecture.

"I'm paying my way through university with Minecraft," he said.

The only problem with higher education is that any architecture degree will have to compete with full-time Minecraft money.

"Potentially you could make a hundred, two hundred k or more a year," Jason said. 

Right now dreaming big and working hard means a trip to LA and Minecon, a massive convention of Minecraft devotees. 

"Pretty much a business trip, with a bit of advertising in between as well," Jason said.