Social media star continues to silence trolls with 92kg weightloss

Jordyn Rudd
Source: 1News

An Auckland woman who found social media fame while documenting her remarkable weightloss journey says she is still learning how to deal with social media "trolls" two years on.

Simone Anderson began her self-titled "journey to health" in August 2014, when she weighed her heaviest at 169kg, before undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in October and changing her diet and fitness lifestyle.

The 25-year-old also travelled to the US last year for abdominoplasty, bra line backlift, breast lift and augmentation procedures. 

The eager social media user regularly posts "progress pictures" to document her weight loss, with the most recent this month revealing she has shed 92 kilograms to date. 

But with over 300,000 followers comes a shocking amount of social media bullying, as Ms Anderson quickly discovered.

"At first I found it incredibly difficult and every negative comment would get me down," Ms Anderson says.

"Now I have a much more positive way of dealing with it... I know what I've done, what I've achieved and no one can take that away from me."

Despite constantly being called a "fake", "liar" and "scammer", she says the positive comments "definitely outweigh the negatives". 

Ms Anderson launched a website in February following her weight loss success, featuring fitness, food and wellbeing tips and videos.

Despite the growing website, various social media accounts to manage and a freelance hair and makeup business on the side, Ms Anderson is not slowing down. 

She has teamed up with a nutritionist, a recipe developer and supermarket chain Countdown for her next project, providing meal plans to subscribers with the added option of having groceries delivered straight to their door.

The meal plans are set to launch on her website within the next month.