Putin's propaganda machine 'in full swing' - Nanaia Mahuta

Source: 1News

The latest round of New Zealand sanctions against Russia are targeting disinformation "and those responsible for cyber attacks on Ukraine", says Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta.

Nanaia Mahuta.

It is the first that will target Russia’s "malicious" cyber activity.

"President Putin’s propaganda machine is in full swing, spreading lies and false information to justify Russia’s illegal invasion," she said.

Mahuta said the sanctions reflected New Zealand's "complete rejection of Putin’s narrative and his attempts to mislead the international community".

It will target eight people and entities that are involved in what Mahuta called, "Putin’s campaign of disinformation".

"It builds on New Zealand’s earlier sanctions targeting propagandists, and expands our sanctions list to include a notorious 'troll farm', the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Defence, and others."

"Putin is using the digital space as a weapon in his callous war against Ukraine. Ukrainians have been subject to relentless cyber attacks by Russia in an attempt to further degrade their infrastructure and disrupt their lives."

There is already a range of sanctions, including a ban to exports to Russian military forces, sanctions targeting Vladimir Putin and his leadership team and a 35% tariff on Russian imports.

It comes as the Associated reported US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines believes Putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in Ukraine and considers a Russian victory in the Donbas to be key in winning the war.